My fiance, Jenn, has always been buttoned up when it comes to making sure we have cleaning supplies and stuff that we need. When the pandemic hit, we were stocked and ready to go. Now she is apparently preparing for the second wave and by the number of boxes that have come to the house this week, she may know something we all don't. Listen as Jenn defends herself.  I came home from work each day last week with packages on our porch. Jenn typically orders a lot online as it is, but this past week there were more and larger boxes that were being delivered. By Friday, this is what we had accumulated.

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media

Jenn explained that these boxes contained all of the supplies we need to make sure we are safe if the second wave of the virus comes. She said she was already noticing that some shelves were bare. The same thing as last time with no toilet paper, wipes, cleaning supplies, etc. When we unpacked the boxes, here is a sample, just a sample of what we now have in the house.


As you can see, we have plenty of toilet paper (48 rolls), paper towels, laundry soap, vitamins with elderberry, pump soaps (10 bottles), cleaners, and wipes (not pictured). There is also a hearty supply of snacks. When I questioned Jenn about the snacks, she explained that if she couldn't get to the store at least I would have the chips that I like. But I don't need 6 bags! She picked up jumbo boxes of Cheez-Its too for Ryan.

We also have a smaller bin filled with miscellaneous things like medicines, extra toothbrushes (we have dentists, we could get them from them), vitamins, laundry spray, extra shampoo, bathroom wipes, cough syrup, band aids, and more hand soap.

supplies 2

I guess I should be grateful that we have everything we need and I am. It is overwhelming though to see all of those boxes piled up and all of the supplies we have. I really hope we don't need to use them all this time.

Is someone in your world like my fiance, Jenn? Are they preparing for the second wave too?

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