Can't find anymore Lysol spray? Did you know that you could turn to Facebook for it? You just have to look passed the car parts and used couches!

It seemed once the coronavirus was announced that it was in the country, especially New York, people quickly went out and bought up everything. If you were looking for toilet paper or any disinfectant, you were out of luck, or were you?

At least two people went straight to Facebook Marketplace with their extra utilities. Michelle in Albany is selling a few cans of Lysol spray for $9-11 and Jezzica in Troy is selling a household bundle. In the bundle is laundry detergent, Febreeze, toilet paper and more!

How crazy is it that we're in a time where not only the government is telling businesses to shut down but people are going to Facebook Marketplace to sell some of their products because you can't get it anywhere else? Well, if you need anything, just know you have one more option to find things. That is, as long as you don't go and pick it up in person! Social distancing!

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