Casino gambling is on the table when the Saratoga City Council meets tonight (Tuesday) about possibly expanding Saratoga Casino And Raceway.

Fernando Camino/Cover/Getty Images

In the story from News 10 ABC, the expansion of the Saratoga Casino And Raceway would include possible casino gambling.

There are some issues with the expansion plans. It was voted against by more than 50 percent of the voters in Saratoga Springs. Many believe that it could lead to more crime, and actually be bad for the downtown area, while others believe it will be good for economic growth for the area.

Back in November, people in New York State approved and passed a proposition that would allow the building of several Las Vegas style casinos. There have been other parts of the Albany area and surrounding communities to build casinos, including West Albany / Colonie, Rensselaer and Amsterdam.

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