Was it technically a tornado in Rotterdam, NY?  Who knows.  That's for the meterologists to decide.  But regardless, it's Your Town Thursday, so I thought they would be the perfect one to pay tribute to this morning. 

Rotterdam Roundabout
Google Maps

Here's one of the areas that got hit!  If anyone has photos, by the way, please send them over.  Would love to actually SEE what I'm singing about.

In the meantime, I thought you needed a little song for inspiration, so with apologies to Joe Diffie (coming to this year's Countryfest, in fact).  I did a re-sing of his classic song "Pickup Man", because it seemed to rhyme with "Rotterdam"

Rotterdam Storm Song 
Lyrics by Richie Phillips
Parody of "Pickup Man", by Joe Diffie
Well Schenectady county was pretty hard hit
when you looked out of the window it would scare you a bit
the wind and rain were twisting  twas ugly scene
looked like you were staring  inside of a washing machine
this is sure something that nobody planned
especially if you live in Rotterdam
Drive to the 5 corners and you can be sure
if they have electricity they don't no more
Colbrook section got it the worst
makes you want to scream out something perverse
if you have any time today give em a hand
cuz lots a trees down in Rotterdam
Was it a tornado technically ?
the residents say it doesn't matter to me
when there's a tree on your house or on top of your truck
call it what you want who gives a darn
right now the word clean up is all you understand
I'm sure they need some help there in Rotterdam
Troy got it too and Latham too
I don't have time to write song for you
but for everyone in Capitalland
Hope you don't have it as bad as in Rotterdam

Well, there you go.  Hope everyone's OK out there.   Send me some shots and I'll replace this boring "Google Maps" picture!

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