Winter Hacks Using Household Items
Like it or not, winter has come early. With the first snowfall upon us, here are a few winter hacks that you can do with household items to make your car ready for the cold and snow.
5 People Struck By Lightning in Poughkeepsie
A lightning strike at Madison Square Park in Poughkeepsie took down 5 people this afternoon at about 4:15.
Three of the 5 people who were struck were injured so badly they were unresponsive when medics arrived.
According to reports they were not directly struck by the lightning but were standing by a …
Deep Freeze Causing Capital District Schools To Delay and Close
The current weather isn’t just frigid, but it is also dangerous with the vicious wind chill.  The threat of hypothermia and frostbite is very real.
Overnight temperatures will be -6 to -10F with wind chills of -20 to -30F.
Thursday temperatures will reach 22F, but not until later …

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