Schaghticoke Home Slammed Twice By Tornadoes [GALLERY]
On Tuesday morning, Brian and Chrissy talked to Vicki Bova from Schaghticoke.  Vicki's story is an incredible one.  Her and her husband Jim are survivors of not one, but two tornadoes that touched down near their home 22 years apart.  The first one was back in 1998 and the latest twister happened over the weekend.  A GoFundMe has been set up if you wish to help.  Check out the gallery below and li
Country Stars Urging Us to Help with Tornado Relief Efforts
Country stars are urging all of us to help those in the Nashville area dealing with the devastation of the recent tornado that smashed buildings and sadly took the lives of many.  The motto 'I Believe In Nashville' rings truer than ever and and right now, Middle Tennessee needs your help.  Believe that your contribution, any contribution helps.  Here's how you can donate to relief efforts. Read Mo
The Devastating Mechanicville Tornado Was 20 Years Ago Today (PICS)
Has it really been that long?  It's hard to believe that the major tornado that touched down in the Capital Region, Mechanicville to be exact, happened 20 years ago today.  The pictures of the devastation bring back some chilling memories and also give a little perspective on just how powerful this storm was.
Steve Caporizzo Returns To Storm Torn Duanesburg One Year After The Tornado
If you were listening this morning to the show you may have heard Steve Caporizzo talk to us about his special report tonight at 10 p.m. on NEWS10 ABC on Fox23. Last year at this time, a tornado touched down in Duanesburg and they suffered through a terrible storm, luckily there were no fatalities but there was plenty of damage and scars that still remain.
What To Do In A Tornado
After the shock of the recent and frequent Tornado Watches and Warnings in our listening area, we wanted to take a moment to remind you how to prepare and keep yourself safe during a Tornado.
Eyes Of The Storm
I am putting out the word, folks.  If you have any storm shots, please submit them to me.  Send them to and I will post them.  Here's what I have so far, and thanks to Tami Wilson and Terry Welch for sending them in so soon.
Your Town Thursday
Was it technically a tornado in Rotterdam, NY?  Who knows.  That's for the meterologists to decide.  But regardless, it's Your Town Thursday, so I thought they would be the perfect one to pay tribute to this morning.

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