Reading the details of this story left me making a "Note to Self:" Don't keep jar of money in eye site. I would actually suggest maybe not keeping a jar of money at all, really. A safe full of money? Sure. Leaves people less able to run away with it, unless they are Wyle E. Coyote. 

Photo Credit: Harold Cook, Getty Images.
Photo Credit: Harold Cook, Getty Images.

Wednesday around 2pm in Amsterdam a burglary occurred. The victim describes the man as clean-cut white male somewhere between 30 and 45 years of age. He was driving a white 4-door sedan when he pulled up and was wearing an electricians uniform.

The suspect had informed the homeowner that he would be cutting off their power and could bring them a generator with a $50 deposit. The homeowner obliged, but the suspect turned down a slightly ripped $50 bill. When the homeowner went to find another, the suspect allegedly spotted a jar of money on the kitchen table, entered the home, grabbed it and vanished.

The concern is that this man may attempt something similar to other local residents, so beware!

If you have any information, you are encourage to contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's department at 518-853-5500

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