Is There a Fire in You? Become a Volunteer Firefighter
There is a need for volunteer firefighters across New York state. The 11th Annual RecruitNY campaign is going on now. The COVID-19 pandemic has hindered their volunteer campaign and enrollment has been down significantly in the past few years. But there has been an increase in fire calls. To meet de…
Help to Recruit Volunteer Firefighters
There is always a need for volunteer firefighters. These are the brave men and women who are ready at a moment's notice to volunteer to help their communities while running toward a fire. New York has received a significant grant to help recruit more volunteer firefighters.
Firefighter Loses Job Over Racially Insensitive Watermelon
Would the Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls or Troy FD handle it the same way? A probationary firefighter was fired recently because he brought in a watermelon (complete with a bow) as a gift to the veteran members of the station.  Some of his African-American co-workers were offended, some…

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