It's officially taken over more than just social media and the internet, it's taken over the Capital Region!

We just had to have an intervention with Sean earlier today as his Poke-addiction has been causing more than a few problems around here. But it turns out, it's not just our veteran morning show host.

No. It's everyone.

The Capital Region is in its Poke-craze and it's caused the creation of the "Albany Pokémon Go Walk." Started by Facebooker, Nick Craig the walk has over 1,000 people as possible attendees.

So, where will this "walk" (hunt? search? gaming?) take place? Albany's Washington Park, of course. Pokémon Go fans should arrive for 11:30am with the event planning on going until 1:30pm.


This probably means, if you're driving in the area: BE CAREFUL. Based on the news stories making national headlines, people are being just a little reckless when it comes to this game. And here we were thinking walking and texting was a bad idea...might be thinking differently right about now, huh?

We were joking at my softball game tonight that there will an announcement: "It's now legal to text and drive, but if you're seen trying to catch Pikachu you'll lose your license."

I guess given all the garbage we hear about, or see and experience in the world a little Pokémon ain't all that bad at the end of the day. Play on, playa!

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