Some of my favorite memories growing up was going to the diner on a Sunday morning for breakfast. There were no electronics or phones to play with while we waited for our food, so we made up our own fun with what was available to us.

We try and keep the tradition alive. We don't do it every Sunday, but we did go yesterday. A while back, I told Ryan that my sister and I used to take all the sugar packets out of the holder and try and build a maze. So now if we go to a diner that has the packets, he doesn't try and use his mom's phone, he grabs the holder and starts to build. This makes me so happy. I sat back and just watched his determination to use all of the packets and build a sturdy maze.

We have, at times, too used all of the individual creamers too to build a pyramid or a very tall tower. That is a lot of fun and passes the time too.

But I think the more challenging one is the sugar maze, that one can be frustrating at times for Ryan, so I make sure that he has my help if he needs it.

What table games have you passed along to your kids?

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