The chain who has or maybe I should say had a location in the Capital Region has decided New York just isn't working out.

Now there are only 3 Cicis in total across the Empire State but all of them have chosen to close their doors. The Times Union is reporting it is due to an issue many New York companies are dealing with, raised minimum wage. I know absolutely nothing about business but I feel 70 cents extra an hour doesn't seem like enough to close a store. Maybe business wasn't good.

The Times Union put this up which looks to be a statement from the company,

"The result is that fast food restaurants in New York State are having to choose between shutting down, laying off workers, or raising our prices," the notice said. "We prefer not to lay off our staff, and we have too much loyalty to shut down at this time without doing everything else possible to survive." TIMES UNION

Read more at the link below. Were you a fan of Cici's?


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