As news broke today of Peyton's retirement, it got an ESPN writer looking back to a time when Peyton could have been a Jet!

ESPN writer Rich Cimini was covering the Jets back in '97 when many thought they would get Peyton Manning. At the time, Peyton had just wrapped up his Junior year at the University of Tennessee. If he had come out for the NFL Draft that year, he could have been a Jet!

Well, it wasn't meant to be. Rich wrote a great story about it today, including a conversation with former Jets player Ray Mickens who speculated it was Peyton's dad Archie who convinced him to stay in school so he would not have to play for the Jets or then head coach Bill Parcells.

Imagine if Peyton wore the green and white? Do you think the Jets would have won a Superbowl or 2 with him? Jets fans can only dream...