Here is a story we talked about on the show today. It really isn't hard for me to imagine that these "parents" would not think this idea all the way out, and maybe think to themselves it is a perfectly good and safe idea. Some people just are not that bright. What is hard for me to believe is that they somehow thought that this would not be something other drivers would call 911 about. They were mistaken.

On Sunday night, the cops in Millvale, Pennsylvania got a FLOOD of 911 calls about something going down on the Pennsylvania turnpike. Turns out, there was a pickup truck with a dog cage in the back and along with the dog, there was a 10 year old girl inside it..

Cops eventually pulled the truck over. 33-year-old Thomas Fishinger was driving, and his girlfriend, 29-year-old Abbey Carlson, was in the passenger seat.

The best, or worst part of the story is the "parents" of the little girl talking about the arrest. They seem almost irritated that the police or anyone would think anything is wrong with putting your daughter in a gage, in the back or a pick up and speeding down a turnpike. I mean, after all, she ASKED to ride back there!

Listen to this clip of the parents , in fact you may want to listen to it a couple of times.

Both Abbey and Thomas were arrested for felony child endangerment, we will have to follow the story and see what actually comes of those charges.

Here is a video of the news covering the story, in this clip you get to hear the Grandma defend the actions of the "parent":

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