child endangerment

Whitehall Man Arrested After Allowing 8-Year-Old To Drive Car
A Whitehall man who allowed an 8-year-old boy to drive a vehicle while sitting on his lap has been arrested following a crash. The child was later transported to Albany Medical Center with injuries including a fractured arm, fractured rib, a punctured lung, and leg injuries.
Teens Post Snapchat Vid Putting A Baby In Fridge
Finish this sentence: "If this ever happened to my child I would________"  Well let's hope and pray that it never does happen because the fate of these two teens probably wouldn't be very pleasant. The teens, seen laughing in the video, put the crying baby in the fri…
Troy Mom Leaves 3 Year Old In Car For 90 Mins
A 20-year-old local woman left her child unattended in a car for 90 minutes before neighbors called 911.  Krystyl Knockwood, of Troy, left her 3-year-old in a car while she visited a friend.  This is a tough one to process on so many levels.  How does this thappen?
In Consideration For “Parents of The Year” [Video]
It is hard to be a parent sometimes. Lord knows we all do our best. One thing I know for sure is, it's a different struggle for every parent. You should never compare yourself to other parents to judge how well you are doing. It seems that some parents are just natural at it, they make it all l…