Let me ask you – am I developing a perverted sense of humor or would you laugh at the story as well?

There was a gunman on a train in San Francisco and nobody even saw him. I will tell you why now.

You know the world has gone totally mad when you read a story about a gun-toting commuter and you end up snickering about it. I am laughing, but out of disgust. It's one of those "I'm shaking my head while laughing" moments.

According to Newser.com, a guy on a commuter train in San Francisco actually pulled out a handgun and no one noticed. Why? OK, I've kept you in suspense long enough.

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It's because they were all on their smartphones and tablets looking straight down at their laps instead of paying attention.

The idiot reportedly even wiped his nose with his gun before shooting someone, and no one saw that either!

Once again, I am laughing out of pure disgust. Has it actually come to this? Are we becoming so oblivious with our gadgets that we wouldn't even see something like that?

Wouldn't that be ironic if the newsflash came over their device that there was a shooting on the same commuter train that they were on? Maybe they would pay attention then!

OMG - what a world. Have a nice day.



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