What happens if you are somewhere without a TV and you want to share a video or movie from your smartphone but don't want your friends to have to huddle around your small screen? Simple, you order a pizza.

While I seem to be that "old guy" lately who reminisces about simpler times when people would talk or even relax more, I am still amazed at the technology and innovation this modern world offers everyday. While this one doesn't really involve more "technology" than a plastic lens, its application is brilliant. Who doesn't love pizza and a movie?

Pizza Hut has introduced a delivery box that can double as a projector for your smartphone. That's right, you can actually use the box to project a video or movie onto any wall with A PIZZA BOX. Honestly I don't know if this will catch on or even how good of a quality picture you would get using the box but you do have to give props to whoever cam up with the idea of a "projector box" and of course also using it to deliver pizza.

Another fact you should be aware of is that Pizza Hut is currently only using these boxes in Hong Kong, though I'm sure if it takes off we will be seeing them in America as well.

Check it out.

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