This is incredible.  This old-timer has the heart of a lion and he's showing these Gen Z'ers how it's done.   Watch as a 73-year-old man jumps off a deadly cliff in the Catskill Mountains as a raucous group of (much younger) thrill-seekers cheer him on in utter amazement.

The viral video uploaded to YouTube a few days ago shows the elderly man sprinting towards the launching point and hurling himself into the air and down into water below.  According to the New York Post, the cliff jump happened about an hour south of Albany at a place known as Fawns Leap located in the Catskills.

Fawns Leap is in the middle of the Kaaterskill Creek and the jump is estimated to be about 24 feet high.

While this old timer certainly deserves props for having the gusto to pull it off, it appears as though he's probably done this before.  I say this because he's not the least bit apprehensive or nervous as he sprints his way to the edge of the cliff, like a football player entering the field of play on gameday.

This ol' geezer knows what he's doing (or he's just very fortunate) because others haven't been so lucky.  A slip or a fall in the wrong direction could lead to serious injury or death.  According to the New York Times, there have been at least 8 casualties at Fawns Leap since 1992.  According to the source,  most of the deaths have been in the last decade or so as attendance has swelled over the years.

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