There's just nine days left until I will be climbing over the top of the Crowne Plaza Hotel's roof and rappelling 18 stories (yes, I said 18 stories) down to North Pearl Street below. That's 180-feet!  This act of goodwill and dedication is in desperate need of your support.  I am trying to reach my goal of raising $1,000 for Special Olympics of New York.  However, I'm still about $800 away from my goal.

Not only do I have to climb down the building like Catwoman, but I also have to finish ahead of trash talker Brian Noe, host of "The Noe Show", on 104.5 WTMM-FM.  We will be racing to the bottom to see who can rappel faster than the other.  And the unfortunate part, is that we have a small wager going to keep things "interesting" as Brian likes to call it.


I recently joined the sports geek on his show after he called me "Crusty Casey Danton" a few weeks prior.  And in that interview, we decided that if Brian finishes his rappeling first, I will have to come to work one day, fully cloaked in Miami Dolphins attire.  If I finish first (or when I finish first, I should say), Brian will have to be my stable hand for one afternoon at my horse barn.  Pretty even trade, right?

So, I know you're just on the edge of your seat right now wanting to know how you can support me in this venture.  After all, what would push someone to go "Over the Edge" faster than knowing they have many, supporting WGNA listeners routing them on!  Simply click on my donor page and the rest is easy.  There is no minimum donation level so even a $5 donation will go a long way.  Thanks in advance!  And if you want to hear how pitiful Noe sounds on his show, here's my interview.