The months and weeks have gone by and it's just about time for my rappeling debut in honor in "Over the Edge" for the Special Olympics of New York.  That's right, in less than 24 hours I will be rappeling 18 stories (180-feet) down the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Albany.  The questions of whether I'm going to be excited, nervous and victorious are set in stone.  I'm feeling all of those things, but I know it's for a great cause.

Feel free to stop down tomorrow morning.  I will be racing ESPN talk show host, Brian Noe of "The Noe Show" to North Pearl Street from the perlious roof of the Crowne Plaza.  It should be exciting, and entertaining at the same time, seeing how I've never rappeled off anything except for maybe the ground when a horse has launched me from time to time.  The weather is expected to be nice and cool -- hopefully not too windy so I can keep my concentration in whooping some you know what. 

The race is on for 10am sharp.  There will be plenty of other activities going on all morning including live music, celebrity appearances, and Kevin Richards on hand broadcasting live.  Stop down!  It would great to have you so that I know I will survive and triumph in my rappel.  And if I don't win, you'll know because I'll be the girl fully decked out Miami Dolphins attire.  How terrible is that?