This is an update on Donna in Gloversville.  You may remember the super sweet struggling mom with 2 kids who told us just a few weeks ago that Christmas in her house probably wasn't going to happen this year.

Well, we have an update and it's better than anyone could have imagined.

Not only did her kids get taken care of by GNA and Blue Friday's "Shop with a Cop",  but others who heard her story wanted to help out as well - so they did - in a BIG way.

Our hearts are full and so is Donna's cupboard as GNA listeners went way above and way beyond to give her and her family a heartwarming Xmas for the ages.

Below is the follow-up call we took from Donna in Gloversville. In it, she takes the time to thank every single person who helped her out in a time of need.  This is what the true meaning of Christmas sounds like.

Struggling Single Mom in Gloversville Gets the Heartwarming Xmas Surprise of a Lifetime.

Hey all - Brian and Chrissy here from 1077 GNA and we wanted to take a second and show our appreciation to everyone who supported GNA's Shop with a Cop over the years.
Thanks to GNA Nation's generosity, we've been able to help out so many families, providing actual Xmas to families in need, and this year has been truly special.

Please take a moment and listen to the phone call below as heard on 1077 GNA Friday morning.

Not to sound hokey or corny but in the 15-plus years that Chrissy and I have done a show, we've been fortunate to share a lifetime of memories with you, and with one another.
We've laughed, learned, argued, playfully messed around, and sometimes, we have a good old-fashioned cry.
Please take a moment and listen to the phone call we aired from a GNA listener in Gloversville named Donna.
Donna is a hard-working single mom to two teenage kids, busting her tail to provide for the family, making no excuses, and until recently, too proud to ask for help.
But Donna couldn't hold back any longer.
She reached out to GNA and asked for help during our GNA Shop with a Cop Christmas because her family had fallen on hard times.  Times are so tough,  Donna tells us she often goes without meals - let alone Xmas presents for the kids.

Donna, who works at a local McDonald's, told us that her kids always eat first - and on days she doesn't have food, when her shift at work winds down, colleagues offer her something to eat.

It's the food that they'd normally throw away at the end of the night.
So, when Chrissy and I had the pleasure of telling her that thanks to GNA Generosity, Christmas would be taken care of for her two teenage kids, you can imagine what happened next.
And in my 15-plus years of experience doing this show with Chrissy, I don't think we've ever been so emotionally touched. In the truest spirit of Christmas, it's an honor to help out Donna and her family this Xmas.  Thank you GNA Nation

Grab a box of tissues -  here's the moment we surprised Donna Pickering from Gloversville with news that she'd been chosen as one of the families getting help this Christmas during GNA's Shop with a Cop and Merry Xmas from all of us here at 1077 GNA!

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