Over the weekend, we decided that we wanted to put up our Christmas tree. Since we were hosting Thanksgiving, we thought it would make the house look more festive. Apparently, everyone thinks our tree is up way too early.  While cleaning the entire house this weekend in anticipation for Thanksgiving, we decided that Sunday night would be the perfect time to put up the tree. First of all, Ryan (our six year old) loves Christmas. He can't wait for Santa to come and loves everything about the holiday. He was all for it.

We also thought that since we were hosting Thanksgiving, it would give the house a festive feel. So we put Ryan in his Christmas pajamas and we cleared a space to put up the tree. We put on some Christmas music and started hanging the ornaments.

When we were all done, Ryan and our dog, Freddie, posed for a picture.

Ryan xmas tree

We were all very proud of our accomplishment. Then we told family and friends about it. Every single person we told said it was way too early to put up the tree. Now I'm second guessing it. 

When do you put up your tree? Is ours up way too early?

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