Deer-crossing signs might be the norm when traveling on State Route 385 in Coxsackie, but this sign has people looking out for a creature far more unique and a lot less common. I guess it's time to add this road to the list of 'Must-Drive Roads in America.'

If you travel NY Rt. 385 through Coxsackie, you're sure to see plenty of deer crossing signs as a way to alert motorists and hopefully prevent deer-car crashes.  But someone apparently has taken the liberty to caution motorists of something that surely won't be covered through Geico; mythological beast-car crashes.

Posted recently to by a user who goes by the name of u/Dr_Emmet_Brown, the altered image on the deer crossing sign appears to be that of a female centaur from Greek Mythology - known as either a centauride or a centauress.

Photo: Reddit user u/Dr_Emmet_Brown
Photo: Reddit user u/Dr_Emmet_Brown

I did a little virtual traveling using Google maps to try and find the part of 385 where where the sign was altered and I believe I did.  It's marked as "2499 385-NY." Here's a side by side comparison of what the sign used to look like before, next to the sign now.

It is unclear as to who did this, and to be completely honest, I didn't fact check with NYSDOT to verify if this is even a real thing.  There's always a chance it could be phony but I have reason to believe it's legit. Unless of course, much like Greek mythology, it's all just the workings of someone's wild imagination and a little photoshop.

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