I was looking at a website that highlights the good and bad in each state and one of the articles caught my eye. The article is called, "The 9 most dangerous, deadly places in New York". I thought well clearly none of these places are around here, I have always felt that we live in a pretty safe and pleasant area. It turns out not only is one of the places on the list right here in the Capital Region but a few others are pretty darn close.

Now this doesn't seem to be about crime or murder, the list seems to be comprised of places that are just plain dangerous to be in because accidents happen. A couple of them are roadways that are dangerous like the Taconic Parkway which made in on the list at number 4, or the 8th most dangerous place in the state, Broadway in New York City.

Getty Images, NEWBURGH, NY
Getty Images, NEWBURGH, NY

One town actually made the list, Newburgh, New York. The article actually said that this is not a town to be in after dark, ouch.

The rest of the list was made up of some of our state's beautiful locations in nature. The high peaks of the Adirondacks, Salmon River Falls, and Kaaterskill Falls. Making the top of the list was a place technically in Central N.Y. but you can still listen to WGNA there, Canajoharie Falls.

So which Capital Region location made the list of most dangerous places in New York? Coming in at number 9 on the list was,Plotter Kill Preserve in the town of Rotterdam. Of this local gem the article said, " A 632-acre nature preserve that's a true gem of Schenectady County is also one that has long been considered quite dangerous. This spring the county decided to do something about the preserve's safety issues and announced it would be getting a $600 dollar safety upgrade for trail improvements. The issue with this park is that many unofficial trails have been created over the years by those who have explored the area, leading uninformed visitors off the dedicated paths and into dangerous areas you'd normally want to avoid."

I have never been there myself but after googling some images I actually think it looks like a beautiful place for a hike, I will just have be a little more careful knowing it's on the list.



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