Who would have thought that old TVs or computer monitors would end up costing so much to dispose.

But that is exactly the case. With the advent of the flat screen, we no longer need those clunky old TVs and computer monitors. So, when we all go to get rid of these old electronic devices is where the cost comes in.

According to the Niagara Gazette, you and I - the taxpayers - are picking up the tab rigt now for disposal of all these old devices. Many of them contain lead which is considered a hazardous substance and need to be disposed of properly. Manufacturers are supposed to be shouldering the burden, but apparently the number of devices we are tossing has far exceed expectations.

I did it myself recently when my family moved to New York. We had a a few old TVs and monitors laying around that we were not using anymore, and we had to get rid of them. And I had to pay a small fee for each when I brought them to a special recycling center! Regardless, with the presence of lead and the danger it poses to children - they should be recycled. While many sets are being disposed of properly,  some are being left where they should not be.

If you have an old TV or monitor to recycle, make sure you check with your town to find the right way to do it!

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