The President is one busy, stressed out guy.  Libya, the economy, those pesky questions about his birthplace.   It's enough to make a world leader CRAZY.  He needs a diversion.  And maybe he's found it! I guess the Obamas might be getting into the beer brewing business!  Well, not exactly.  But they have been serving their own brand of beer at the White House, and I guess they poured it during the Super Bowl, according to the latest reports.  Our crack team of reporters here at the station have uncovered a blog called the Obama Foodorama blog (yep, he's got his own blog too!)

And the blog describes where the beer comes from:

It turns out that ale was indeed brewed by White House chefs, using homebrewing equipment the Obamas bought out of their own pockets and honey from the White House beehive, theObama Foodorama blog reports.

And they say to get ready, because there's gonna be alot more beer where that came from.  And this could make history as well.  This is the first time beer has ever been brewed in the "Big House".

I can just imagine the opposition taking jabs at him for this.  I can hear them singing now!

Pretty Good At Brewing Beer

(parody of "Pretty Good At Drinkin' Beer", by Billy Currington)

Ain't good..... at free trade deals

trying to  fix..... big  oil spills

or helpin all of us to pay our bills but

but pretty good at brewin' beer

(Too much?  Yea, it's pretty negative--!  Help me out of this!!!)