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Obvious News Headlines
Don't count newspapers out yet, folks.  I'm convinced that people still read them.  And what draws people?  Clever headlines, of course.  And it takes a special talent to write good, attention grabbing headlines, right? Well, I have the ones that didn't make it!
News Of The Past Week Rhymed (AUDIO)
This is a tough assignment--to come up with one of these ditties that rhyme the week's events every week.  But if you think it's worth it, I will try hard to discipline myself to do it.  And if you ever want to contribute , be my guest!   (Gee-how ma…
Year End Wrapup Songs
Every year since 1988, I have written a parody that rhymes all of the event of the past 365 glorious days.  I've found alot of them.  (Still seaching high and low for the rest-due to an incredibly efficient filing system--- yeaaaaaaaah...