It's about time that our state had money coming IN!  It looks like we should be bowing to Florida's Governor right now.  Their loss is now our gain! According to this morning's, it looks like we're going to get our piece of the proverbial pie:

The money, originally committed to a high-speed rail project in Florida, was reallocated after the governor there rejected it. New York will use $58 million to build a fourth track, extend platforms at the Rensselaer train station and pay for new signals south of Rensselaer. And $4.1 million will allow construction of a new Schenectady station to begin.

Trains are cool.  And it reminds me of  something I did years ago.  I was playing in a piano bar, and some guy came up to me at the end of the nite and said.  "How would you like to come and perform for us at a conference we are having?"  I said, "SURE!  Where is it being held?".  He answered, "Salt Lake City, Utah!".

To make a long blog short, I decided to take the train, since I had so much equipment to take with me.  The trip from NY to Chicago was so-so.  Kind of ugly scenery, if I remember correctly.  But from Chicago to Salt Lake?  Breathtaking!  I wish I had photos, but it was the "pre-digital camera" days, so God knows where they are!

I also met some really nice people too.  I would actually consider taking that trip again.  Now if I can just convince Dorrie!

UPDATE: A theme song written for this very occasion!  Tip of the hat to "The Tractors" for the classic "Baby Likes To Rock It Like A Boogie Woogie Choo Choo Train" .  It was a great starting point.