If you are looking for a new opportunity, Amtrak would like you to consider working for the train service. There are jobs available in many different categories. Join the virtual job fair today (Wednesday, June 14th).

Amtrak Southwest Chief Train from Chicago to Los Angeles - Los Angeles Union Station
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What Jobs Is Amtrak Hoping to Fill?

Amtrak is looking to fill four thousand job openings nationwide and hundreds across New York State. The jobs run the gamut of opportunities including IT, finance, mechanical, conductors, engineers, customer service, construction workers, and onboard services.

Trump's Budget Proposal Could Cut Amtrak Service Across Florida
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What is Amtrak National Hiring Day?

Amtrak National Hiring Day gives potential employees an opportunity to learn about careers available inside the company and on the passenger rail line according to the Times Union. Amtrak Is currently rebuilding and expanding its services, especially in the Northeast Corridor which consists of Washington DC to Boston.

Amtrak Celebrates National Train Day 2011 - Washington DC
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The National Hiring Day is today (June 14th) from noon until 3 pm.

There are more than fourteen departments participating and you should be ready to meet with hiring managers and recruiters. Click HERE to join the virtual job fair.

What Are Some of The Benefits Amtrak Offers?

Amtrak offers well-paying and rewarding jobs. They provide competitive benefits that support their employees. Amtrak also offers rail pass travel privileges that give employees and their families free or reduced-rate train passes, paid time off, educational assistance, and health and wellness benefits.

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