Sure there is a threat of nuclear war.  Sure there is a bird flu outbreak.  And of course the economy is still on a teeter-totter.  But THIS folks is serious stuff:  An Xbox fail! 

According to an article at, there were alot of very frustrated Xbox users recently.  If you couldn't  manage your friends list, or send texts or voice messages with your Xbox 360 console or at, don't feel like you were the only ones by any means.

I guess people had trouble signing in as well (heaven forbid - a day without your Xbox!)

xbox live

Notice I said HAD trouble, as in PAST TENSE.  I guess it's all fixed now, but it's pretty funny that noone even talks about playing GAMES on the system, just sending text or voice messages and friends lists.

Sorry - a little out of the loop here, but do you mean to tell me that people buy these systems to chat and "friend" people?  Don't they have that already?-- IT'S CALLED A COMPUTER, people!


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