With many communities, like Troy, not opening pools in the Capital Region, people are looking for other cities to cool off in. Well there is one city that is limiting non-residents so that their community can enjoy their own town pool. It has some people angry. I happen to live in Cohoes and near the town pool. Being a resident of Cohoes, I just show my ID and I am allowed in. Non-residents are invited, but they must pay a $5 fee. I have never seen a problem with non-residents using our town pool. But because surrounding cities are without pools and the heat wave we are experiencing, there has been a problem with over crowding.

According to News 10 ABC, the city of Cohoes is now limiting how many people are allowed at the pool. They say that they have to put a cap on how many people enter because the lifeguards are having a hard time keeping up.

Right now, officials say that they will only allow 70 non-residents into the pool per day. Because of the heat wave, the pool has been at capacity each day.

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