While the majority of Trick-orTreaters are still targeting Wednesday as the day most candy carnage will be done, the rainy soggy Capital Region weekend forecast has been a real bummer; dampening any Saturday and some Sunday fun. What's the outlook for Halloween?  Quite ominous to be honest with you.

Bust out the umbrellas, boots, gloves, jackets and make sure the Uber is parked right out front to pick you up or else you might get a little wet. According to the Weather Channel's 5 Day Forecast for Albany, rain will continue through most of the night tonight and by mid-afternoon Sunday, we should see some drier weather.

A damp day is expected for Monday, followed by what looks like a decent day on Tuesday, but more rain is expected for Halloween on Wednesday.

According to their weather models, we'll experience light to moderate rain throughout the day on Halloween with a chance of rain about 80%.


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