Nor’easter Rain Dampening Area Halloween Spirit
While the majority of Trick-orTreaters are still targeting Wednesday as the day most candy carnage will be done, the rainy soggy Capital Region weekend forecast has been a real bummer; dampening any Saturday and some Sunday fun. What's the outlook for Halloween?  Quite ominous to be honest…
There’s A Nor’easter Coming? What The Heck is That?
When I see "Nor'easter Developing" in all of the news headlines, I've got to ponder "What in the world is a Nor'easter"? Before you get too judgmental, please be advised that I am not actually from the Northeast. In the Midwest we don't really …
Snow On The Way
Prepare yourself for some possible heavy snow, as most of the Capital Region is expected to get hit with a major snow storm, late today and continuing into Monday.