Festival season and the warmer weather is on the way. Now there is a more convenient and safer way to bring your wine along with you wherever you go.  Get ready to make your wine portable and more convenient all summer long. According to Simplemost.com, Cupcake Vineyards is taking their delicious wines out of the bottles and into the can.

Now available in stores all over the Capital Region and across the country, Cupcake Vineyards is putting out it's Rose and Sauvignon Blanc in twelve ounce cans. You can now grab two cans and an entire bottle would fit in your beach bag, travel bag or purse.

You can get these cans for about $5.99 each or $12 a bottle. According to their website, the Sauvignon Blanc is from the South Island of New Zealand and has a lemon, key lime, nectarine with hints of citrus and grapefruit. The Rose comes from California vineyards and has hints of white nectarine, strawberry and flavors of watermelon.

These cans of wine are available all across the Capital Region. To find a store near you that sells them, click HERE.

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