There are many candies that you associate with Valentine's Day. But the ones we all know are the candy hearts. This year you won't be able to buy them for your sweetheart. The company that made Sweethearts for over one hundred years went under last year. Because of the bankruptcy, many candies including the conversation hearts went with it.

According to WGRZ, the New England Confectionary Company also known as NECCO was bought out by Spangler Candy Company but didn't have enough time to manufacture the Sweethearts in time for Valentine's Day. It is a daunting task. They typically make eight billion every year.

There are some knock off brands out there, but the original candy hearts will not be on the shelves. There is good news, though. Spangler Candy Company says they do plan on making the conversation hearts for Valentine's Day 2020. This makes sense because the hearts alone bring in an estimated one point eight billion dollars.

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