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NY Jets Safety May Have Scored a Touchdown for Military Athletes
For decades, student-athletes that were competing for the United States Military Academies had to complete their active duty military service time before they could pursue their professional athletic careers. Some famous ones over the past few decades have been NBA Hall of Famer David Robinson, former New York Giants wide receiver Phil McConkey as well as Dallas Cowboys legendary quarterback, Roger Staubach. McConkey spent 5 years as a Navy helicopter pilot before he put the shoulder pads back on. Well, a new New York Jets player may have helped change that situation.
Former NY Jets Running Back Zac Stacy Nabbed in Florida
The New York Jets continue to have dirt thrown on them, even through the actions of their former players. According to reports by New York Daily News reporter Dennis Young, "Zac Stacy, a former Jets running back, violently assaulted his ex-girlfriend on Saturday, punching her in the head and then throwing her against a television and their son’s chair. The woman said Stacy was visiting her and their five-month-old son, who can be seen in the video."
Are the Buffalo Bills are Saving New York Football?
Records are one thing but how could Buffalo being saving New York football? Well, new fans would be a start. New NFL fans are often attracted to winning teams. Some fans of perpetually losing franchises, like the New York Jets, switch their allegiances to teams that actually make the playoffs or win a Super Bowl every 3 or 4 decades or so. Ask Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots, how many of his current fanbase used to root for another NFL team prior to the Pats amazing Super Bowl run of 6 NFL championships?
Are the Yankees the Capital Region’s Favorite Team?
Who is the Capital Region's most beloved sports team? I think we know but let's take a look anyhow. There are probably some major professional sports teams and leagues that we can toss immediately. The NHL is easy to toss. Besides the lack of general popularity, a direct result of Gary Bettman's reign as commissioner, the NHL fanbase in the Capital Region is too fractured.
Did the New York Jets Get “It” Wrong Again?
When I first posed the question "Did the New York Jets Get It Wrong Again?" to a long time Jets fan, he immediately responded, "Which "it"?" At first, I was a bit surprised that he didn't know I was referring to the team's number one draft pick in April, Zach Wilson. Then I realized, he knew. He was just making the point that Gang Green fans may be reliving 2018 all over again.
Get The Vax and Win NY NFL Teams' Gear, Tickets, and Experiences
There is another initiative to get New Yorkers vaccinated. This time officials are aiming at football fans. It's called "Vax and Win". Those who get vaccinated have a chance to win some cool NFL gear and tickets from their favorite New York teams. (I know there is only one true New York team that plays in New York-the Buffalo Bills, but they are lumping in the New York Jets and the New York Giants.)

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