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NFL Wildcard Round Of The Playoffs
The Wildcard round of the NFL playoffs starts today. I LOVE THE PLAYOFFS! Win or go home. Big plays, Big wins and a feeling of life and death you can't find anywhere else in sports.
Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu Stars In New Viral Video
As a big football fan I have been constantly online looking to see when the NFL lockout is going to come to an end. I am getting giddy for football especially my favorite team The Pittsburgh Steelers. So as I am looking for information on the lockout I am also looking up news on my team and I c…
James Harrison Is A Idiot – Levack Rant [AUDIO]
Ever since the NFL Lockout began players have been acting stupid. With arrest and Tweets causing trouble all over the place. It is a true measure of a person how they act when their bosses can't punish them. Think about it. If your boss is away you might take a little longer at lunch or cut a few co…
Madden Video Game Predicts Super Bowl Winner
Michal Czerwonka, Getty Images
Put your money on the Pittsburgh Steelers to win 24-20! That according to the annual simulated Super Bowl.   EA Sports has been using the Madden video game simulation  for years now to pick the winner of the Big Game.
Packers All The Way
A few weeks ago before the first wild card playoff game kicked off I posted a blog stating that the Green Bay Packers would win the big game in Dallas!

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