Now, this leaves me asking one huge question. Is New York City counted? Either way we have one town with a lot of awesome pizza!

One thing I think New York as a whole we nail (for the most part) is pizza. It almost certainly has to be because of the high amount of people with Italian ancestors. Either way there is one town in the Capital Region according to Only In Your State that just seems to do pizza a little bit better than the rest. I think the scenery may have something to do with this.

Lake George is considered by that website to be the next "Pizza Capital of The World". Thus why I say it must be the best in the state. I feel like I always say this. I must be a bit sheltered. I have never had a slice of pizza in Lake George. I have been many times but always just default to getting a burger or some other sandwich.

Only In Your State listed off a few pizza places as an example.

  • Giuseppe's Pizzeria
  • Mezzaluna's Restaurant
  • Pizza Jerks
  • Capri Pizzeria
  • Gino & Tony's Italian Eatery

Do you agree that Lake George has the best pizza in the Capital Region?


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