A Queens man tried to catch Pokemon at his ex-girlfreind's house, which lead to his current girlfriend catching him cheating.

According to the New York Post, Evan Scribner went to visit his ex-girlfriend and then proceeded to play Pokemon Go at her house. if you are not familiar with the game, uses the phones GPS to track where you catch the Pokemon creatures. So if your special someone has a reason to doubt your real whereabouts, they could check out the app to see where you have been.

According to the article though, it's not all negative for users. Many claim they have gotten lucky because of the app! Which I find fascinating. If your man or woman told you they had just caught a bunch of virtual creatures on the Pokemon app, would the first thing on your mind be hopping in to bed with them? I didn't think so. But I am not one to judge. Whatever works, right? Congrats to everyone getting lucky because of Pokemon!