New York police officers may soon be able to determine if a driver was texting while operating their vehicle if they've been involved in crash with the new "textalyzer" bill.  How do you feel about this?

The technology exists for police officers to determine if you were distracted while driving and involved in a crash and the new "textalyzer" bill could be coming soon to New York sooner than you think.  A company called Cellebrite  enables users to "forensically extract and decode mobile device data such as call logs, contacts, calendar, text messages, media files and more."

It's been noted that police in New York could have access to the data, but not the actual content itself, helping to determine if the cause of the crash was due to texting and driving. People have raised issues over variety a of matters with new proposed bill.  Privacy concerns and accuracy of which passenger was using the phone being the most discussed.

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