It's so bizarre to me that even though to drive we all had to take the same driver's test, people don't know the rules of the road, ESPECIALLY when it comes to school buses.

We've already had to implement red light cameras and now school buses may be doing the same thing. The proposal is gaining traction at the Capitol to add cameras to school buses to catch people passing illegally.

According to the New York State DMV: "When a stopped school bus flashes its red light(s), traffic that approaches from either direction, even in front of the school and in school parking lots, must stop before it reaches the bus...when you stop for a school bus, you can not drive again until the red lights stop flashing or when the bus driver or a traffic officer signals then you can proceed. This law applies on all roadways in New York State. You must stop for a school bus even if it is on the opposite side of a divided highway."

WNYT is reporting that these bus-mounted cameras would be meant to catch people passing school buses when they have their red lights flashing. They're apparently seeing anywhere from 40-50,000 passes per day. The camera would take pictures of the license plates of passing vehicles and send the pictures to the driver as well as local law enforcement. The first ticket could be $250-$400 and possibly 5 points on your license.

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