Back in November, Sean McMaster had a story about a change coming to Price Chopper. It is happening.

Bro.Lou Roberts Collection

The Golub Corporation has been remodeling and rebuilding their Price Chopper brand as Market 32, starting with a few Price Chopper stores in Clifton Park and Wilton. Very soon, the stores in Albany on Delaware Avenue and Madison Avenue will be converted to Market 32.

But there is something that you are not going to find in these new supermarkets. You will not be able to buy cigarettes. This is an effort to go along with the identity of being health conscious at Market 32.

People can still purchase cigarettes in all of The Price Chopper stores, for now. According to the article in The Albany Business Review, the Golub Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Golub, mentioned that the sale of cigarettes “will be phased out over the next eight to ten years as the chain converts all 135 stores in six states to Market 32”.

CVS has already done this when they  took the tobacco products off of their shelves and stopped selling them a while back.