The state of California will crack down on the puppy mill industry by enforcing a new law that will forbid the retail sale of dogs, cats, and bunny rabbits from pet stores.  As a result, California will be the first state to do make it illegal to sell these animals unless they're from a shelter.   Should New York do it next?

Every once in a while, I'll pop into a mall pet store and my heart aches watching these good doggies in teeny little cages beg for attention. I actually feel guilty being inside the store, but something about being there gives me a deeper sense of appreciation for animal shelters and rescue animals in general.  How anyone can go in to a puppy store and not feel some sort of guilt is beyond me.

Look at their eyes, they tell the story. Some are locked in on the gawkers, other furballs are usually too exhausted to look up at potential customers, perhaps unable to deal with the rejection as they walk out the store and continue their shopping.

According to a report, starting on Jan 1., California pet shops will only be allowed to offer dogs, cats, and rabbits from local shelters and rescues. In an effort to crack down on puppy mills, the law will attempt to diminish the amount of mass-produced puppy mill animals brought into their state.

I realize that politics in our state make this a tricky law to enact, as it's already been proposed.  And I'm not here to criticize anyone who buys an animal from a puppy store.  Regardless of how they get to your home, the goal is to love and take care of them.

With that being said, New York could use a little more puppy love while doing away with the puppy mill.



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