No matter how many times people are warned not to leave their dogs in their cars during the summer, some pet owners still do it. Now a law has passed that would save the pets' lives. According to WKBW, a New York State law just passed that would allow emergency medical technicians, firefighters, and first responders to use force to enter a vehicle that has an animal inside in the heat. They would be allowed to remove the animal from unattended cars if the animal is in danger. This law now expands the number of responders that can take out the animals legally.

This new law will also help to get the animals that are in danger inside a vehicle out quickly. The addition of first responders to the law will help in areas where police and animal control availability is limited. The law pertains to conditions where the animal is left in a vehicle where it's extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures.

Governor Cuomo in passing the new law said,

"Leaving a pet in a stifling hot or freezing cold car is inhumane and potentially dangerous, and emergency responders should have the ability to remove them if necessary."

This law is effective immediately.

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