We just moved into a new house and in almost every room is a ceiling fan. We picked out the ones we wanted and the builders hung them for us. That's all I thought we needed to do. Boy was I wrong. Did you know there's something you need to do to the ceiling fans depending on what time of year it is? This little tip blew me away.

If you have never done this to your ceiling fans you are not alone. Apparently, you are supposed to change the direction of your ceiling fan depending on the season and it's important that you do this. Since we are heading into the middle of spring, it's the right time to reverse the direction of your ceiling fans.

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I also learned why the fan blades are tilted or angled. They spin clockwise in the winter with the tilt which brings colder air up from the floor. This helps the flow of warm air. The colder air from the floor mixes with the warm air near the ceiling and keeps you and your home warmer. In the spring and summer, your fans need to spin counterclockwise. This pushes the air downward so the fan itself is blowing on you and keeps you cooler.

You may be asking how do you change the direction of the fan. Yet another thing I learned. There is a black switch on the side of most fans on the circular part. But be aware! Before you change the direction, make sure you dust the blades. If you change the direction without cleaning the blades, the dust that they are covered in will go all over your house.

I know this is probably not new to some people, but I have to say, this was something I had never heard of. I guess this is just the first of many things I will learn being in my new home.

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