Everywhere we turn there's another burger joint popping up. But, I'll admit, I'm not mad at that. Who doesn't love a good burger?! And it really does seem like all of these places do a great job of standing apart from the others.

So, what will this new burger restaurant have to offer? Deliciousness. (I'm just guessing.)

I've gone online to see what Elevation Burger is all about since they've just opened in the Fresh Market plaza in Latham.

100% organic and grass fed, free-range beef, that's to start and as they say right on the front of their website, "We've elevated the typical burger joint standards to you can maintain yours."

Okay, Elevation Burger, you've sparked my interests. Plus, my mouth is currently watering just looking at the burger pictured on their site. (My goodness!)

I think outside of what I've heard is just amazing food, is what they do environmentally. They are very conscious in the building of their restaurants and even their day to day. They state they do everything from, " using environmentally sustainable and non-hazardous construction and operating practices" and "We recycle waste including the olive oil used to cook our fries."

Sounds good to me, but maybe too good because my tummy is growling. Who wants to drop some off to the radio station? Any takers?!


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