If you refer to yourself as being "from the 518," there will soon be another area code to call home.

So how does "I'm from the 838" sound? Well, starting late in 2017 you'll be hearing that as an area code home in the Capital Region.

The New York State Public Service Commission has announced 838 will be our new, additional area code starting later next year. According to News 10, "New telephone numbers could be assigned to either the 518 or the new 838 area code. The commission says it will depend on when the 518 numbers run out in each of the 140 rate centers or geographic areas."

The good news is the new area code will not affect your current numbers in anyway. The new area code will simply be layered on the same area as the 518, and will give us plenty of phone numbers for years to come as digits in the 518 are limited.

Next up: 838 stickers for your car!

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