It's finally starting to get a little warmer out, and after enduring another seemingly endless winter here in the Capital Region, our whole view on life seems to change.  Mostly for the better.  Though no list would be complete without a little bit of 518 snark, so here's a list of the things Capital Region People Say (or complain about) When Spring Has Sprung.

  • I'm totally gonna start training for the Freihofer's Run for Women
  • I can't wait to do yoga in the park this year, you should do it with me
  • I can't wait to see the tulips (never goes to actually see the tulips)
  • Easter's so late this year!
  • I'm taking my mom to a Mother's Day brunch; it's catered by Mazzone!
  • I feel like we're still gonna get one more big snowstorm
  • Wanna go to Guptil's?
  • Did they fix the potholes on Hoosick Street yet?
  • I can't wait to have drinks on the patio in Saratoga
  • We gotta golf at National one time this year​
  • There's like 15 shows at SPAC we have to go to!
  • The growth is wreaking havoc on my allergies!
  • Can you roll the windows up, it's not that warm out yet!
  • The line at Guptil's was way too we just went to Stewarts!
  • I'm a good personnnn...I paid my taxesss!


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