Hey all!  Brian and Chrissy here from GNA.  Just wanted to take a second and let you know that we appreciate each and every one you who took the time to send us your products and goods during our 'Local Business Unboxing 2'.

It means the world to us that you feel like we’re helping you out during this tough time. The reality is, you're helping us. You took time out of YOUR busy day to send us some of the things that help you put food on your table and roof over your head.  It truly is our pleasure to show em off to as many people as we possibly can. We wish you nothing but the best moving forward , and hopefully this was a little ray of hope, some levity and it made you feel good to see us showcasing your products for GNA Nation to see and most importantly, support.   Thank you all - this made our day. Stay safe

Brian and Chrissy WGNA

Here's a list of places that sent in products and merch for Brian and Chrissy's Unboxing #2 

The Peanut Principal – Gourmet Nut Butter Artisans

Stress Fracture NY - Mobile Smash Room

Katlyn’s Custom Creations, Gloversville

Get Wick It , Cohoes, NY

Daughters of Sarah Senior Community

Hartman Hill Premium Firewood , Queensbury

Aly’s Shirt Werks

Veteran Made Woodworks, Troy, NY

Homestead Funding,  Albany

Albany Police Department

Unboxing 2 Stress Fracture
Unboxing 2 Peanut Principle
Unboxing 2 Police uni
Unboxing 2 Wooden GNA art
Unboxing 2 Bingo
Unboxing 2 Tshirt
Unboxing 2 Flag alone


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