Everybody's talking about the impending monster snowstorm that we're supposed to get this weekend.  I've heard forecasts anywhere for 8-12 inches to two feet.  Regardless of how much snow we get, there are certain things that people in the Capital Region always say before, during, and after the snowstorm. Here's a list of the Things Capital Region People Say: Huge Snowstorm of 2019 Edition.  Are you guilty of any?

  • "The streets of Troy and Schenectady will never be plowed on time!"
  • "Ichabod Crane will probably just shut down for the rest of the year!
  • "Some idiot is driving on the Northway with a foot of snow on his roof!
  • "Thank God for Stewarts"
  • "Can my relatives in Florida pleasssse stop posting screen shots of 80 and sunny?"
  • "Yay! My workout got cancelled!"
  • "Hi....umm my car just got towed and I live in Albany...do you know where they put it?"
  • "I only trust Steve Caporizzo....and he does soooo much for animals"
  • "Wanna do donuts in the Crossgates parking lot??"
  • "Let's go sledding at Capital Hills!" *30 minutes later, when every limb is frozen and unable to feel your face, you'll curse the idea.

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