This time of year, there is no shortage of alarming attractions in the Capital Region for those of us looking for a seasonal scare. The 518 has plenty of mysterious corn mazes, haunted hayrides, evil zip lines, and horrifying haunted houses. We've listed some of the areas spookiest spots and we want you to vote on the which one is your favorite. If you dare (insert evil laugh here)

I feel like there are 5 different ways to judge a haunted attraction, but you may have your own. When selecting your favorite, try to keep some of these things in mind when making your final determination.  You only get to vote once, make it count.


Here's what I take into account:

Do the actors stay committed to the haunt or are they just going through the motions?  Were the special effects and production value crisp and professionally executed or clunky and amateurish? Was it interactive and engaging or was it like walking/riding through a cheesy wax museum?  Was it scary?  And finally, was it fun?

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